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TNA Destroys HWE and UNW Owners at Nonstop Hardcorre!Edit

On January 30, at the phenominal HWE and UNW PPV, which ended in the partnership of JDUDE and Slashranger, TNA superstars Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarrett, and Homicide were seen backstage. The owners, however, were so blind with anger, they did not notice. But, in the Cutting Pit segment, the TNA Stars attacked the owners. They tried to fight back, but the superstars were too strong and soon overpowered the four men(Edge and Piper were included). This started the huge rivalry between the united companies and TNA.

HWE NewsEdit

Bischoff under Pressure?Edit

Eric Bischoff was caught by a news reporter. Bischoff announced that problems wil be going on with HWE... with The Mcmahons running Slaughterhouse, Him running Nitrix, and Boogeyman running ECW. Bischoff states that he should rightfully own all purposes to HWE because the ratings have been out of the roof, and HWE should ban JDUDE and the McMahons. Eric then gotton a mysterious call, in which cut his meeting short.

ECW through the roofEdit

The latest episode of ECW has raised more controversy then any episode in HWE HISTORY... even with the McMahon-Bischoff fued going on, ECW GM Boogeyman was smart and stopped them from entering his show. ECW has been better then all episodes in which Bischoff and the Mcmahon family ruled. Could ECW Become the dominant brand?

Match of the Week WAS....Edit

Match of the week has to of been the third match of Nitrix, where Wade Barrett gotten cheated out of a victory. Del Rio and him are hoping to fight Beer Money again soon in a No DQ match

Rivalry of the weekEdit

The rivalry of the week was ECW match of Sam American and King Grando, in which Grando knocked out Sam, and threw him into a dumpster

UNW NewsEdit

UNW Best 25 Divas CountdownEdit

I would like to clarify, yes, this is not only UNW Divas, these are HWE Playmates and WWE Divas alike. This list is incomplete as of now.

  • Diva #25: Bull Nakano
  • Diva #24: Alundra Blayze
  • Diva #23: Glory Girl
  • Diva #22: Horror Fan
  • Diva #21: Sable

SNW NewsEdit

SNW TitleEdit

Marson wins the SNW Title in Redemption but he better watch out, Superfly & F

IXW NewsEdit

SRW NewsEdit

Evomens attackEdit

The evomens beat the champion The Wooder,allowing The Wooder win against Travis

Hell in a Cell : ¡AK 47 vs. The Reaper!Edit

AK 47 has challenged the Reaper to a Hell in a Cell

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