UNW Classified Sunday is a weekly program, except on PPV nights, tonight is 9-26-12.


Backstage 1Edit

Hawk and Eagle are backstage talking with Sexay and Mina.

Skullbreaker's backstage and he's..........WALKING!!!!!!

Match 1Edit

Edge, "This first bout will be between Zack Varna, a very dominant young man, and Jim Carrey!"

The bell rings and Zack is once again in the lead. Zack hits a Rough Ryder, then a Zakk Attakk.




Edge, "What a quick match, but a good one no doubt! Zack once again proves his dominance!"

Frank, "Edge, no one wants to hear your gums flap."

Edge, "Frank, reverse that, and shut up."

Match 2Edit

Edge, "Next up, Kinta vs Cool Breeze."

The bell rings, and the camera first zooms in on an unconscious Frank Frankworthy. Then it heads to the action. Cool Breeze is in the lead, with him hitting two Koolers. All of a sudden, Winter(Watch TNA)'s music hits. She walks out to watch the match, and Cool Breeeze hits an Everest.




Promo 1Edit

Winter is holding on to Cool Breeze's right side.

Cool Breeze(CB), "See this is why I'm going to be the newest UNW Star! Sure there's some other guy, but I'm the best!"

Zack Ryder's music hits.

Zack, "Yeah, Woohoo, you won your first match. That doesn't make a difference! You fool!"

Slashranger, "You know what, this Friday, at Versus, it's going to be Zack Ryder vs Cool Breeze in Breeze's first UNW match-up against another superstar!"

Skullbuster, "Make it a triple threat. I've never liked this kid, and I wanna get my hands on him."

Slashranger, "Then its a Triple Threat, HARDCORE MATCH!!!!!"

Say It to My Face by Downstait hits, and Alex Riley comes out.

Slashranger, "You know what, its a STEEL MERCY MATCH. Alex Riley, Zack Ryder, and Skullbreaker vs Cool Breeze, Freshen, and Fanva!"

Zack, "Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!"

Cool Breeze, "But that's just two days from my match against Loser Varna and an actor!"

Slashranger, "That's your problem."

Main EventEdit

Tim Allen comes out, followed by Arnold Schwarzennegger.

Arnold is in control, with a Roundhouse kcik and a KO Punch, and he climbs to the top rope for a Diving Leg Drop.




Edge, "Tim justdidn't have it in him tonight. But, we have our match for Destruction, Arnold Schwarzennegger vs Cool Breeze vs Zack Varna in a Triple Threat Elimination, the first one to get pinned is out, the other two are UNW Superstars! Good night everybody!"

Frank, "Shut up!"