Intro/ Match 1Edit

Lose yourself plays, then Money Mountain comes out, with a different attire on then usual

Mountain: I, Money Mountain, have been betrayed by my brother, and now, I decide to fight back, I work for Slaughterhouse now, and I am requesting a match against him TONIGHT

Bischoff comes out

Eric: Oh SHUT UP, no one cares, you want a match against him, fine, a steel cage match, here tonight, and you want to know something, to make it interesting, it will be the first ever INFERNO steel cage match, where the cage is ON FIRE, oh, and did I mention its for the first ever SlaughterChampionship, but get out of the ring, we have a match thats not involving you

Mountain leaves, as Divlicious and Mina are in the ring

Eric: Oh yeah, you two frined will be fighting in, the first ever HWE paddle on a pole match, except its not a paddle, its a whip, bye

Eric leaves

Match starts

The divas shake hands, and then they both climb up the ropes and grap the whip and neither let go, until Copper appears making her first appearance, and then she handcuffs both of them to the pole, takes the whip, laughs and whips both of them hard with it, she laughs and takes the cuffs, off, then when she lets them walk off, she handcuffs them again, and takes them backstage, but as you can see, the two divas are laughing. The match is a no Contest

Match 2Edit

Grando masses is in the ring, as well as Mahuka

Mahuka starts off the match with two roundhouse kicks

Grando then counters a thrird one into a leg lock

Mahuka goes for the ropes, but cant reach them, and taps out in a quick match


Divlicious and Mina are shown in the back of a truck, tied up and trying to laugh but gagged

Copper: Bye, we have to take these two to jail for being too sexy its a serious crime, (she laughs as well as the other two divas)

Match 3Edit

Money Mountain is standing in the ring with money Meister, the cage drops and is caught on the fire

Meister tries hitting a suplex, but gets caught in a bear hug suplex into the fire,

Mountian then rubs Meisters face into the fire, and then launches him against the opposite cage wall

Moiuntain takes off one of the ring ropes, not the turnbuckle, the whole rope

Meister throws Mountain into the steel metal post

Mountian then takes the ropes, and chokes Meister with the ropes

Mountain then hits a bear hug, Meister is knocked out and is lying on the ground

Mountain climbs the burning cage, and then hits a mountain splash from the top of the cage, and then climbs out of the cage

Eric comes out

Main EventEdit

Eric: look, you will be defending it RIGHT NOW against Money Meister

Eric comes in the ring and hits a stunner on Mountain

Meister goes for the pin




Eric comes in the ring and hits a sleeper slam

meister covers




Eric then comes in the ring with a chair, places it on the ground, and hits a ddt onto it, meister covers




Mountain gets up and then takes the chair and throws it at Meister, then makes him tap out to the bear hug