TIll I collapse plays, and then Matt Hardy comes out to his old theme, Chase Manhatten

Matt: We have your winner of the Survivor main event match, MATT HARDY here. I would like to come out just to say this, you champions better be scared

Big Show and Batista come out

Matt: Look, you two, don't speak, you will fight tonight and the winner decides what title I am going for at Wrestlefest, in ther main event tonight

Match 1Edit

Rapp3r comes out

Rapp3r: You all know me by Rapp3r, but this is a message from John Morris, I am changing who I am, and now, I am, the Her0

Hero by Skillet plays

Then, the belllas come out as Her0 (formorly Rapp3r) leaves

The Bellas are in different corners as the bra and panties match is announced

Brie takes off her shirt, and confuses the fans and Nikki

Brie then takes off the clothing of Nikki to her bra and panties

Then JDUDE comes out

JDUDE: Unlike UNW, we arent a PG show, which means, we dont shut off cameras, if you dont like that, too bad, which means, The Bellas will compete in a gravy house match where they start off in their bra and panties, but must be stripped naked, but that wont happen until Halloween, so right now, Brie wins

Match 2Edit

Her0 comes out, but is taken away by staff, and then Rick Wild comes out, followed by the Heartbreakers

Rick vs Mulio starts in the tables match

as soon as the match starts, the Heartbreakerstake tables and throw them in the ring

Mulio hits an Osaka Street Cutter and then a 630 senton through a table\


Match 3Edit

Her0 comes out, but fights security and wins

Then, the lights go out and Mr. Ice comes

JDUDE comes out

JDUDE: I will make this happen, since you got cheated of your victory and gotten fired, I will allow one final match for you, and if you win against UNW superstar, your friend Mr. Ice, I will give you your job back

Match starts, but Mr. Ice lays down and allows a pin




Mr. Ice raises Her0's hand

Main EventEdit

Big Show and Batista come out

Batista vicously takes out Big show with a suplex, then multiple head punches

Batista then climbs the ropes

He is on the top rope and does the Matt Hardy taunt and does the leg drop and goes for the pin




Big Show gets up and goes for a WMD, but it gets caught into a gut kick into a batista bomb




Batista grabs a mic

Batista: I choose whos going to sign this paper that is already signed by Matt Hardy, and I say it will be, ME

Batista signs the contract and the Wrestlefest Main Event is set