Dont Question My Heart plays and then JDUDE comes out

JDUDE: We need an ECW GM, and since we are in the vegas casinos, to see who will be king of the casinos, we will use a wheel, to determine the GM of ECW

JDUDE spins the wheel

It lands on Boogeyman

Boogeyman appears

Boogeyman: Looks like I got a job back, and this will be the first match in the tournament, it will be (spins a different wheel) A SUBMISSION MATCH, against (pulls a slot machine) Grando Masses and... ZACK RYDER

Match 1Edit

Grando hits a crossface early in the match, but ryder powers out and goes for a rough ryder, but gets caught in a sharpshooter, Ryder taps

Match 2Edit

Rey Mysterio is shown backstage, and the wheel, it shows a Mask match

He pulls the slot machine, and it will be against Cody Rhodes

The match starts

Mysterio goes for a diving seated senton, but gets caught into an alabama slam position

Rhodes goes for an alabama slam, but gets caught in a hurricanrana into the second rope

Ziggler comes out, and while the ref isnt looking, he hits a sleeper, but gets caught in the second ropes, Myserio hits an inverted 619, then Rhodes gets up, and Mysterio goes for the dive, but gets hit with a headbutt with Rhodes mask while it is still on, Rhodes takes off Mysterios mask


Sexay: To show our friendship with the HWE divas, we would like to play a game of strip poker

Her0: Hosted by none other then me

Her0 deals out first thing of cards

Sexay announces its blackjack they are playing,

Mina goes over

Mina: Looks like I have to strip (takes off top)

Then Jenny Sweet goes over

Jenny takes off her skirt

Her0: You know what, how bout we just play a diferent game, this will take way too long

The divas agree

Her0: How bout we play a little game of guess the card, heres how it goes, I will pick a card, if you get it wrong, you will have to strip

Her0 gets a card from the deck

Maryse: 3 of Hearts

Her0 nods and picks a new card

Mina: 5 of spades

Her0 shakes no

Mina takes off skirt

Sexay: 5 of clubs

Her0 nods no

Sexay takes off her shirt and skirt, taking off more then needed

Brie Bella: Is it a 7 of diamonds?

Her0 nods yes

Sexay: Wait a minut,e, how come we UNW divas have to strip in this

Her0: Ladies Ladies

Sexay and Mina strat stripping everyone else, and then all divas are getting stripped by another, until they are all naked and covering themselves up, it goes to the wheel

Match 3Edit

The Dudleys are standing by the whheel as they already did the slots, they spin the wheel


They go to the ring and lock up on a table

Bubba Ray manages to get his hand underneath the table and punces D-von and wins the match

Match 4Edit

Matt Hardy and Rick Wild are standing next to the wheel and they spin it

it lands on no striking match

They go out to the ring and the bell rings

Matt Hardy hits a twist of fate, but gets a groin shot by Rick Wild and he gets DQed

Match 5Edit

Matt Hardy and Rhodes are in the ring and the wheel is shown on submission

Matt hits a twist of ffate early, but gets blindsided by Dolph Ziggler as he akes out the referee and then hits a sleeper hold on Hardy, Rhodes comes and takes the body of Hardy andputs him in a dragon sleeper

Hardy taps

Match 6Edit

Bubba Ray is standing against Grando in a last man stabding match

Bubba hits a shoulder blcok in the early match

Bubba then goes to the top rope, but gets caught in a Grando Driver position and is hit with it

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8,9,10



Grando and Rhodes are in the ring for this... STEEL CAGE MATCH

Rhodes gets Grando in a headlock and throws him into the Cage

Rhodes climbs the ropes, bounces off the cage and does a Beautiful Disaster to Grando

Rhodes then goes for a Cross Rhodes

Rhodes gets hit with a snapmare, into a Grandouch

Grando pushes Rhodes face into the cage as he gives up