Hardcorre Wrestling Entertainment was made to express Hardcore. Many wrestlers from TNA and WWE have to come to HWE, but the HWE originals will never be forgotten.thumb|191px|right|HWE Official Theme song


Each Main Brand Has

  1. World Title (Xtreme and HWE)
  2. Unified Tag Titles
  3. Unified Playmates Title

And has many exceptions as for shows that can be on both brands, not main, or main but made not as important as these titles


  • Owner- JDUDE

Tuesday Night NitrixEdit

The show on Tuesday, is the main show, with most episodes. This Show has all matches being held in Extreme rules condition, where all matches MUST BE SETTLED IN THE RING, but No DQ and No Rope Breaks is in all matches. Match range is usually up to 6 matches in total (on a normal basis).


  1. World- World Xtreme
  2. Tag- Unified HWE Tag Team
  3. Diva- Playmates
  4. Secondary- 24 Hour

Shares middelweight titl/ High Flying title with UNW and other HWE shows

Ringthumb|right|172px|Nitrix Theme SongEdit

The ring is set up normal, 4 sides, 3 ropes, all are green, the area decorating the ring is blue with green "splotches" covering it. The ramp is huge, spanning at around 30 to 40 feet. A Huge screen is above the ramp, and it is known as the Titantron, screens cover the sides of it, 5 different scrrens are around it to be exact.


  • GM- Rowdy Roddy Piper
  • Assistant GM- Bobby "The Brain" Heenen
  • Color Commentator- Bobby "The Brain" Heenen
  • Color commentator- Barry Nortington
  • Backstage Interviewer- Rush Kids
  • Ring Announcer- Howard Finkel
  • Backstage Reporter- AJ

Wednesday Night SlaughterhouseEdit

The amazing show on Wednesday. Not as Hardcore as the other shows, but this show is still a great show. Slaughterhouse is currently deciding on many things, but is the second longest weekly running show here, with Nitrix being the longest


  • World- HWE Title
  • Secondary- Slaughter Championship
  • Tag- Unified Tag Team
  • Divas- Unified Playmates


There are 3 rings on this show. One main, in the ring, like other shows 4 sides, but on the right side of the ramp, there is a ring that is in the shape of an octagon, and it uses a steel cage (looking like it belongs in UFC) instead of ropes. Backstage, there is one, with 12 sides, and ropes. There is a ramp that leads to the ring, except this ramp goes at an upward slant. If you measured the top and bottom most point of the ramp, the distance apart is 3 feet. There is a screen called a Titantron above the ramp, except the screen was made to look like that was where the superstars came out of, allowing someone to completely customize their entrance in any way.


  • GM- Zack Ryder
  • Assistant GM- Curt Hawkins
  • Color Commentator- Todd Grisham
  • Color Commentator- Mean Gene Okerlund
  • Color Commentator- Mae Young
  • Ring Announcer- Howard Finkel and Christe Hemme
  • Backstage reporter- Lillian Garcia
  • Backstage Reporter- Kaitlyn