Dee-Feat-Ed is a professional wrestler currently signed to UNW on its Unstoppable brand as part of its Divas Division


Dee-Feat-Ed was signed to UNW Hand-Pick to head up to the main roster without going through Developmental, or EWA(Extreme Wrestling Alliance). She became one of the top stars on Annihilation, as she entered a feud with Sexay Girrl. She was defeated at Danger, in what was the last match of the feud, and was moved to Unstoppable. She is currently part of the Heel group Better Than You(BTY).

In WrestlingEdit


  • De-Feet - Double Middle Fingers, then DDT, then Foot DDT
  • BTY - Corner Clothesline, then Mudhole Stomp, the Banzai Drop
  • Toe Kick


  • Foot DDT
  • Figure Four Leglock
  • Cross Legbreaker
  • Chick Kick

Face or HeelEdit

  • Heel